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Waterproofing Materials

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  1. Bituthene 3000

    Bituthene 3000

    High performance waterproofing membrane for sub-structures and flat deck applications
    Bituthene® 3000/3000 HC is a high performance, cold applied, flexible, preformed waterproof membrane combining a special high performance cross-laminated, HDPE carrier film with a unique self-adhesive rubber bitumen compound.
    Learn More

  2. Bituthene Solvent Primer

    Bituthene Solvent Primer

    Fast drying solvent based bitumen primer for all unpainted surfaces.
    Used for all Bituthene grades. Learn More

  3. Bituthene 5000

    Bituthene 5000

    Sheet Waterproofing Membrane for Hot-Mix Asphalt
    High performance, cold applied, non-hazardous, self-adhesive membrane. It is extremely flexible and will accommodate differential movement throughout the life of the structure. May be immediately covered with hot-mix asphalt. Learn More

  4. bituthene liquid membrane

    Bituthene Liquid Membrane

    Bituthene® Liquid Membrane is designed to complement Grace Servicised® sheet systems where liquid applied waterproofing is necessary to ensure watertight continuity. Learn More

  5. Protector Board

    Protector Board

    A highly impact-resistant extruded thermoplastic sheeting material. Its unique multi-fluted design gives increased strength, impact, puncture and damage resistance. Learn More

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